Likely Lineup: David DeGea, WanBissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Rojo, Fred, McTomminay, Pereira, James, Lingard, Rashford.
Venue: Carrow Road 🏟
Time: 17:30 Gmt ⏰
Date: Sunday, 27th October 2019 πŸ“…
Prediction: 1-2 United Win πŸ”΄

Manchester United will be travelling to Carrow Road Stadium to face host Norwich after another disappointing display in Belgrade.

More than half of the first team players were disappointing to watch and at some point, I was wondering how they manage to switch from good to bad. They were good when they played Liverpool on Sunday, four days later they’re bad again like they were the whole season.

Yes, Manchester United ended a 232 days without a win away from home last night since that sensational 1-3 Win against Paris Saint-Germain in France to reach the Champions league Quater finals last season, but the reality was, more than half of the team couldn’t play a simple pass, all we had the whole night was 5 shots compared to Partizan 15 shots.

The majority of Manchester United fans were expecting a replica of that performance against Liverpool but we were outplayed from all angles.

It’s been like that the whole season when we saw the lineup as a fan, we became very optimistic about the game because it was very easy on paper judging by the quality of players fielded but when they go on the pitch it becomes a different story entirely, first-team players fail to turn up and you can imagine a night were the young Brandon Williams was the Man of The Match.

If United hadn’t won last night, they would have equalled an unwanted record set by Dave Sexton team 40 years ago.


Norwich would be another tough game on the road, they’ve enjoyed some really good performance over the last couple of months and Man United on the other end will need to replicate their defensive performance to make it 2 wins away from home.

A couple of first-team players like David DeGea, Fred, Lindelof and Pereira should make it back to the starting lineup in the absence of Paul Pogba, Matic, Shaw and Jones who would be on the bench for this one.

This isn’t the first time fans are left disappointed by this team, it was like Jose said, some players play like they don’t want to be on the pitch but the reality is, these players are terrible.

United used to be the team that press other team but when United is been pressed without Mercy by smaller teams like Partizan. It tells you there’s no hope for this team.

Glory Glory Man United πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Muhammed. πŸ”΄πŸ”΄

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