If you want to learn how to get a remote job that allows you to work from home, I can help you to do just that.

Today, we will be discussing about how to land a remote job anywhere in the world working from home and at the end of this article, you will be having a big decision to make about quitting your 8-5 job.

How To Land a Remote Job, How To Get a Remote Job.

Some of the benefits of working remotely from home are “getting to decide what time you’ll be waking up to start working, schedule flexibility, flexible working hours, working when you want to” and many more. I would also like to point out that finding remote jobs isn’t that hard but it comes at a price of spending more internet data.

To figure out how to find remote jobs that’ll allow you work remotely at home, I’ll be taking you on a rollercoaster ride with which you’ll be deciding if you want to work for yourself or you want to work under a boss.

To make the process of finding jobs working remotely from home easier, I’ll be sharing some of the pros and cons of switching from an office-based job (working for a boss) to remote work at home jobs (working for yourself). You can also check out my previous articles on 11 ways to make fast money here and 6 ways to make money passively without spending a penny.

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Now, Let’s dive right into how to get a remote job.


working remotely from home can be a great way in testing yourself into self-employment, working at your own paste, working remotely from home, and so much more.

But today, I’ll be introducing you to my good friend from India, Inu Etc of Inuidea.com who’s had a lot of experience as a freelancer with ways in finding a job to work from home. Inu Etc writes a lot on how to apply for remote jobs and he’s an avid fan of the flash review.

how to get a remote job

Nowadays, It’s becoming easier to get a remote job work from home while living in a place you love. More and more people are escaping their 9-5 job because it has now become easier to follow your passion and pursue a career you love.

People are also aware of passive income opportunities, online businesses, and remote working opportunities amongst several opportunities. According to a recent study, 4.8 million Americans consider themselves Digital nomads who works remotely from home.

Pieter Levels, the founder of Nomad List predicted that there’ll be an estimated 1 billion digital nomads (working remotely from home jobs Or travelling from one country to the other) roaming the planet by 2035. Working as a digital nomad isn’t so different from working remotely from home and we will be discussing that briefly right after this.

Digital Nomad is someone who’s location independent and travel the world full-time while working remotely to earn a living. While remote jobs allow you to work from home, cowering spaces, coffee shops, hotel rooms or public places like libraries without having to travel from one country to the other.

Now, let’s get started with some of the things you’ll need to consider before seeking work from home remote job.


You’ll need to be honest with yourself on what fits you best before looking for the best place to find remote jobs. Usually, knowing yourself when it comes to what you can do and what you cannot do plays a key role in how well you’ll thrive in that role. 

To start with, the first thing isn’t “how to get a job working at home” but to ask yourself if this is what you want and does it fit your personality. For example, remote work is appropriate for my life-style and work style, for the subsequent reasons:

  • Since I’m an introvert, I do plenty of in-person interaction with friends outside of labour. I do a lot of talking.
  • Talking on the phone or via video chat satisfies my want for in-person communication even as very much like actual, in-person communication.
  • I’m conjointly an enormous runner, and as such, I love using quality time with my family.
  • I love my work, I actually have no drawback focusing, and I’m able to tear myself aloof from work once I’m finished for the day.

If you would like to leap into remote work with each foot, it’s very vital to talk to yourself and ask if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. For me, there were upper sides, and it absolutely was a no brainer to choose working remotely from home because I love work from home jobs. For you, the story could be completely different.

We’ve listed off the advantages and the disadvantages of working remotely from home below. look into them through the lens of your own ideal ways, and you’ll find for yourself if this fits you.

  • No commute: your once awful commute is over, no more annoying traffic or going home looking worn-out from too many traffic.
  • Your own schedule: no one is observing you. do you want to binge to a good Netflix movie at 10:00 a.m. on a Monday morning? plow ahead, nobody can know. You can choose to work when you wish to.
  • Work From home anywhere: you’ll be able to work virtually anywhere. I work on my back deck once it’s nice out, however, some folks opt to work in a distinct country (Digital Nomads) every few months.
  • Family time: If you have got children you’ll have more time to spend with them. Obviously, you don’t wish them to invade your space, however, work flexibility permits for a lot of family time.
  • Costs: Since you’re working from home, you’ll literarily spend nothing to commute to work. you’ll be able to say au revoir to $10 salads for lunch and say hi to the grocery store for a less expensive breakfast and lunch.
  • Office stress and distractions: nobody is stopping by your table and distracting you from work like (hey, Muhammed! Pass me the inventory file from the cabinet behind you). No workplace drama with remote work.

Sounds nice right? Not this quick, there are some downsides to working remotely:

  • Loneliness: Someone once told me that working remotely from home alone may be a great way toward sadness. I truly agree. working remotely from home five days per week fully alone will get lonely.
  • Overworking: looks like underworking would be the matter here…right? truly, a lot of folks struggle to divide home life and work life, leading to a never-ending workday. Burnout becomes terribly real, very fast, if you fall under unhealthy work habits working remotely part-time or full-time from home.
  • Underworking: This really depends on your professionalism, overall work ethic, and love for your job. If direct management motivates you to perform best or get the work done, working on remote from home would possibly kill your motivation.
  • No water cooler moments: Some say that creative thinking and innovation will happen at impromptu moments at work. Being physically near to coworkers creates a lot of social communication. a number of these moments are lost with remote work.
  • Limited team social activities: Some companies are partially remote. for instance, perhaps solely 100% of the workforce is remote. once everybody goes out for a cheerful hour, you and therefore the other remote team members could be too far-off to affix. feelings of seclusion turn up.

Remote work isn’t for everyone, some folks thrive in an office setting, while others thrive working remotely from home. I’ve talked to some those who tried out remote work and quickly completed that they have a lot of in-person interaction.

I’ve talked to others that finished up back within the workplace as a result of merely wishing for somewhere to travel to on a daily basis. (They just couldn’t thrive working remotely from home).

Now that you’ve grasped the advantages and the disadvantages of having a remote job, it is time to try and do some self-reflection.


Taking a remote job is nearly like being a businessperson, and motivational quotes alone will not fuel you forever. No one is over your shoulder telling you to try and do your job. With remote work, the sole person telling you to figure is you.

The best remote employees love their work and are always loving what they give out. If you aren’t impressed with what you do, your bed suddenly becomes very snug ― particularly once nobody is telling you to urge up and go.

Most people begin to induce this sense of dread on Sunday nights for one reason or another. If you get that feeling, analyze it. If you hate being in client success at your workplace, you’ll in all probability hate being in the client success when you work remotely from home too. I in person anticipate to Mondays (honestly) because I actually like what I do and that I get to try and do what I like from home.

Having a remote job is a tremendous chance to measure the life-style that you just wish whereas doing the work that you just love. simply check that it’s an appropriate fit for your personality before striking the remote job boards.


If you’re still reading, you’re in all probability able to storm the virtual gates of the remote work-world. Still, if you would like to induce a remote job… you may first have to be compelled to know where to look.

The Best Sites for locating nice Remote Jobs. Most job sites don’t have an awfully smart “remote work” filter, that sometimes leads to hours of separation through freelance jobs and different gigs that may not be the simplest match. All of the work boards below do the separation for you and have specifically remote jobs:

With my little experience, these are the six best sites for locating remote jobs:

How to Land a Remote Job Flexjobs

This website offers regular, part-time, and even some jobs that are excellent for testing your approach into starting a contract business. companies will post jobs for free of charge, however, candidates need to pay $14.99 a month for the service. Frankly, the $14.99 could be a tiny worth to pay for access to the work opportunities they post. I in person recognize some those who have landed a job through Flexjobs.

Outside of the paid service, they even have a lot of free resources for remote job seekers. Most of the opposite sites I’ll mention feature “jobs in tech”, however, Flexjobs offers job postings from a large form of industries. Bonus: Flexjobs has new posts all the time, and posters sometimes revisit to you quickly once you’ve applied.

How to Get a Remote Job AngelList

There’s no fee using AngelList and new job postings are added daily. not like the opposite websites on this list, this website is backed specifically toward start-ups. If you would like to figure at an early stage startup, this is often the place to be. there’s no value to use AngelList, however, you’ll have to be compelled to build a profile. Your profile is your resume thus make certain it stands out.

You get interviews by clicking “yes, I’m interested” and by leaving a little note for the hiring manager. If the company likes your profile, they’ll establish a meeting with you. the method of hiring with AngelList is super simple, no resume or missive are required. I’ve applied and received a response within a couple of hours, and every job posting tells you once the work poster was last “active”. professional Tip: keep distance from the “active two months ago,” postings or later.

How to Get a Remote Job Hubstaff Talent

On Hubstaff, you have got the choice of sorting out remote jobs that are regular, hourly freelance contract, and even fixed in price—so this platform is especially nice if you are looking to take on freelance work to supplement your financial gain. With their many open roles starting from internet development, to design, marketing, sales, client service, social media selling and a lot more, there is a job for everybody on this remote job platform.

How to Get a Remote Job Pangian emblem

When you sign up on Pangian, you’ve successfully joined one amongst the fastest-growing on-line communities for not solely finding remote jobs, but for connecting with fellow remote employees that are primarily based in more than 121 countries from around the world. whereas their remote job board presently boasts over 11,500 jobs from over 300 corporations, the platform’s real magic lies among their closely-knit community and chat forums where you’ll be able to swap remote operating tips & learn from each other.

How to Get a Remote Job Remote Com

This website offers you access to a variety of start-ups to in public listed corporations. Job seekers will apply for free of charge once their profile matches the necessities for employment. Remote.com additionally incorporates a $19 premium choice for extra exposure. explore their “companies” page and you’ll see some huge names. If you choose to register on Remote.com they’ll allow you to see the compensation for jobs before you apply to them.

I conjointly love Remote.com since they post numerous jobs. If you check on a daily basis, they’ll sometimes place up 4-5 jobs from a minimum of one new company. Remote.com posts have a sensible response time, most of the companies on this platform can respond on a daily basis or 2.

How to Get a Remote Job Remote Co

Remote.co (it’s quite different from remote.com) is a part of Flexjobs, however, they offer some extra job postings. I’m putting this website on the list due to the resources. They post jobs daily (and sensible jobs if I must say), and their “companies” page is a tremendous place to find out about regarding firms that rent remote employees.

If you do find yourself seeking for remote jobs, the time interval at which they reply is analogous to that of an everyday application. they have a nice web resources and a FAQ section for remote job seekers. the work posting quality is nice, but again, the work posting quality is nice, but again, this can be a good place to find out about working remotely.

How to Get a Remote Job WeWorkRemotely

This is absolutely an employment board, however a good job board for remote jobs. there’s no application fee, and therefore the web site is admittedly simple to navigate. One drawback here is slower application response times (not certain why). 

Most of the roles are centred on computer code engineering/ style, however, this is often a daily-checker if you’re on the remote job hunt. when I’m trying to find a remote job, I make certain to envision WeWorkRemotely obviously.

How to Get a Remote Job Jobspresso

This website is another “check everyday” job board. they’ve got postings from a number of the most important names in remote work, and that they post new jobs on a daily basis. I prefer Jobspresso as a result of having a high volume of jobs, and that they post usually. Not an entire heap of job-seeking resources here, however following them on Twitter could be a very nice thanks to continue with postings.

Having searched for remote jobs within the not so distant past, the above-mentioned websites have yielded some nice opportunities. I’ve had nice experiences with most of the above-mentioned corporations, however, I can’t say the same for the websites below. Here are some sites that aren’t smart for remote work

How To Get a Remote Job LinkedIn

Don’t be surprised! Linkedin is the biggest skilled network and arguably the simplest place to search out employment… however, it is not the simplest place to search out a remote job. I’ll provide them with some credit: they’ve been adding a lot of remote jobs recently. however normally, remote jobs are onerous to search out, and that they usually end up being in-person jobs.

Looking for an in-person job? Linkedin is your best bet. However, with remote jobs? You’ll be winnowing through jobs for hours―and after you finally realize the needle-in-the-haystack remote job, the work poster has sometimes made an error. you will find the work isn’t remote or the corporate isn’t very fascinating. If you have got unlimited hours for job seeking, you may realize some remote jobs in here, however, those same jobs are sometimes announced on one amongst the suggested remote job boards.

How To Get a Remote Job Indeed

My problems with indeed lies especially around wasted time. There is literally a good quantity of remote jobs on indeed, and that they are simple to search out, however, plenty of them are location specific or not remote in any respect. The remote corporations on indeed are often suspect sometimes too. If you’re trying to find a remote job in the tech field, this is often not the place to appear.

But, I will be able to say that indeed will supply remote jobs in industries outside of technology. For my supposed job search (I’ve worked in finance and tech), this place was a dud. If I was trying to find employment outside of the tech field, maybe not. Overall though―the postings here are seasoned with weird firms and non-remote jobs, cloaked as remote jobs. therefore am placing my badge of disapproval on indeed.

How To Get a Remote Job Monster

This is simply straight-up not the place for remote jobs. I don’t suppose they specialize in it, and it shows. They seldom post remote jobs, and after they do, the roles are sometimes location-specific or with an unknown company. I feel Monster could be a smart place to search out a non-remote job, however, it’s not worth some time to look here for remote openings.

Depending on your talent set and trade expertise, one amongst the suggested remote job boards could be a lot more valuable than the others. on behalf of me specifically, AngelList was vastly useful. I used it to search out employment at a little tech startup in a sales capacity. If I had {a completely different job function} or different trade expertise, I would begin with Flexjobs. they have nice tech openings, however, they conjointly serve an array of industries.

There are different remote job websites, however, despite what trade or job functions you’re trying to find, the six mentioned starting with Flexjob are the simplest places to start out.

Know the Key Players who rent Remote workers

Once you’ve been thrust round the remote job sites, you’ll begin to envision some acquainted company names and acquainted thought leaders among remote work.

The first step within the remote community: understanding the variations between absolutely and partly distributed firm.


These are some of the best steps to follow to learn how to get a remote job from home today, Getting a remote job isn’t so hard but do you have what it takes to thrive working remotely from home? Talents really sells and you’ll need to have a lot of it to be successful from a remote job. Put effort into these platforms and remember, you’ll never know how far you’ll thrive until you give it what it takes.

Do you know of other good ways on how to get a remote job which didn’t make it to my list? Feel free to drop your comments below!!!

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