Are you looking to learn how to start a beginners friendly blog in less than an hour? You’re at the right place and today I’ll show you how to start a money-making blog in 2019.

It’s okay if you’re confused and confounded on how to start a blog, I was right where you’re some couple of months ago. I knew I wanted to be a blogger but I don’t know how to start which was why I learned just like you’re about to but the good news is, blogging is much more simpler than you think, and if you need any help just drop a comment below and I’ll be there for you.

Here is the step-by-step review of how I started my blog with detailed screenshots. 

Decide what you want to blog about – what niche are you good in writing about.

A niche is a job or position that is suitable for you, you might be a better writer about travels, sport, cooking, fashion, or even home decorations. Those are all niches and an example of the things you can write about provided you’re good at it. 

As a beginner, I don’t advise you start blogging for the love of money, blogging is very rewarding but you have to do it for the love of writing because you’re good at that niche you choose to write about. That said, when choosing a niche, you need to think about the business aspect and the future value of that niche.

Who are your targeted audience?

This is one thing a lot of people are struggling to figure out, to be a blogger you need to know your audience and what your audience wants from you. Your Audience is only interested in one thing “solution to their problems” it is during the cause of solving their problems you’ll get to make money.

At this point, you’re turning into a salesperson who wants to sale solutions using your blog. This is where the money-making comes in for you, and to do all of that, you need to make sure you’re not promoting businesses for free or using free platform to make money yourself.

If you’re doing that, you need to stop and I’ll give you a few reasons why a “free service isn’t going to earn you money”

  • A free blog or website is bad for making money and I won’t advise it because you don’t own the website or your website content.
  • Your website won’t attract readers because it’s unprofessional and unattractive, which is due to the fact that you’re having limited resources to design your websites.

A paid website allows you to customise your website to your satisfaction, there are thousands of things you can add and take away from it. It basically gives you all the things you need to transform your idea into something real. is the most popular platform in the world. It cost you absolutely nothing to get your domain name and this platform allows you to design your website as you want. That’s what am using for The Flash Review.

You can search for a domain name for your blog all for free below. Just insert your proposed domain name in the box and click on “check availability.”

Example of a proposed blog name “”

You will get a free domain name BUT you need to host your file on a hosting server and this is where I’ll recommend BLUEHOST To do this you need to pay a token and we will discuss that right after this.

Disclosure: The Flash Review post contains an affiliate link (since we don't recommend what we don't believe in), at no extra cost to you, i might receive a small commission for purchases made through these links.


Creating a blog using Bluehost as a beginner is most affordable and reliable. I recommend using Bluehost because of its simplicity. Not only will they provide you with sophisticated and elegant themes to beautify your website, their amazing support team makes themselves available at all time for beginners to achieve a professional-looking website without any hassle. 

They offer domain names all for free, free SSL certificate to secure your website data’s, 24/7 customer support, creation of an account for as little as $2.95, plus lots of user-friendly experience. On top of that, statistically, there isn’t any web hosting services better than Bluehost at the moment. 

Personally, I had a good experience using Bluehost, I built my website myself with the help of my friend from India Inu Etc and it wasn’t stressful at all. 

For the best Web Hosting provider, I highly recommended Bluehost.

Click here to create a sophisticated website using Bluehost

Bluehost dashboard

For a beginner like you, I’ll advise you click on the Basic starter package. It’s relatively cheap and that’s all you need for a start. click on get started to enjoy this jaw-dropping deal.

I’m recommending Bluehost because it’s the best at the moment but there are other hosting servers you can check out like Siteground and Dreamhost. They are also good and I believe you’ll have a wonderful experience using them.

Write Good Content, Problem Solving Content

This is one of the most important parts of blogging, you need your audience as they are your password to unlocking your money-making.

Like I said earlier, to gain an audience you need to solve people’s problem with your contents, your audience is not interested in your day to day activities and how you spend your day! Am sure you know that won’t bring you money. The one thing readers are interested in is how to overcome their struggles.

Don’t write for yourself, write for your audience and never forget this is all about solving your reader’s problem.

Now, You must be asking “how do you solve people’s problem”?

I mentioned earlier I had help when I was creating my blog from a very good friend in India Inu Etc

Before creating my blog I read his blog and I learned what worked for him. He was all about one thing, teaching young people how to be successful and overcoming their problems. 

Read from other people’s blog, not just read, learn how to write from them too.

When you come across a writer that inspires you, bookmark their blog, always go back there when you feel lost.

Draw inspiration from someone who inspires you. A lot of things inspire me and that’s where I get my inspiration from. 

When you see a blog post that you like from other bloggers, save the title of the post to your note. You can write about it in the future.

Can You Write About What You Have Passion For In Your Blog?

Yes you can, but I’ll make this simple, if you want to make money from your blog, you need to write what your audience wants. Alternatively, when you create your website, add a menu for yourself and title it “Things I love” 

source: Gathering Dreams

Blogging takes a little bit of time and effort, you can’t do it all at once, take your time to improve yourself and your blog will speak for you. 


A student asked me recently “if he’s going to stop cars to cause traffic, so I ask him when you stop cars how does that improve your blog? we both had a good laugh with that”

Traffic in blogging means getting people from all corners of the world to read your article. So how do you do that??? Easy peasy. 


In my research on becoming a better blogger, I learnt that the best way to drive traffic (people) from all corners of the world to read your website is Pinterest

Pinterest works

Pinterest is a visual search engine, it’s a job where all pictures are uploaded but those pictures contain a link to a blog. When you click on the picture, it takes you straight to the blog where the picture comes from. Easy right?? 


Create a Business Pinterest profile like this.

A sample of a pinterest business page

Put your picture on it and make the profile explain what your blog business is all about. 

Create about 10-15 board on Pinterest related to what you blog about.

What I mean by board is this, (travel, money, food, fashion) are all examples of boards, if that’s what you want to make money from and you feel you’ll have audience from. Then do just that.

Personally, I write to help people solve their Financial problems, Blogging and Entrepreneurship problem etc and below is an example of my board.

The Flash Review Pinterest page
  • Create sophisticated Pinterest images that takes people to your blog post.

This is the most important part of driving traffic to your blog, billions of people are on Pinterest every day and for them to click a picture, the picture must be click-worthy and colourful. Now, when I say colourful I don’t mean using 10 different colours in a picture. No that’s not what I mean. Three colours are good enough in creating a Pinterest picture.

Find group boards and send your Pinterest pictures to those boards.

Find Pinterest group boards to join, on the search bar at the top, search for “Pingroupie” that’s a common group for beginners to start from. Send your picture to as many groups as possible. The more you send, the more you stand a chance of getting clicks which will take them to your blog. 


During the cause of creating my blog, I came across Inu Etc. He was such a big help to me so I learned from him, he’s of the very best young bloggers out there. If you’d like to learn and very happy to help, just contact me and I’ll be right there for you.

  • Spend time reading other bloggers articles 
  • Ask them how they get their page views
  • Listen to them and act on their advice
  • Post a comment on their blog when you read their blogs.

Never copy a bloggers content, draw inspiration from them, implement what you must have learned from them and transform that inspiration to your ideas.

Now to the big one 


There are different ways to make money as a blogger but you need to learn and understand what works for you.

I’ll share the two most common ways to earn money as a blogger with you right now, so let’s dive into it.

  1. Selling Ebooks
  2. Affiliate marketing 

Ebooks are course work that are designed to teach you a particular skills. As a blogger, if you’re skilled in a particular field, let’s take, for example, you’re skilled in “drop shipping” you can create a course-book for that using Microsoft word and powerpoint to explain how dropshipping works. Once that is done you can sell it to companies like Owl. They buy all sort of ebooks, market it for you and you’ll earn a monthly commission on that.

Affiliate marketing means partnering with a firm by helping them sell their products and services. To do that all you need to do is to get the right company who needs your services in promoting their business. Signup to be an affiliate on their platform and in return, they’ll supply you with an affiliate link which you’ll use in your articles. 

I’ll give you a few affiliate options to check out, 

On every sale you make you’ll earn a commission immediately. Sounds cool? Easy Peasy !!!

My piece of advice for you as a beginner is this (earn first, take your steps one at a time, understand that it takes a bit of time) (fast task = big mistakes) 


BLUEHOST is ranked as one of the best web hosting platform if not the best, it offers you a strong security support, it’s money-back guarantee, and it offers lots of plugins to better your user experience amongst several other benefits.

Let me know if you have any question or you need help and I’ll be right there to help you out. 

Just drop all your comments below and I’ll work hand in hand with you to untangle any issues you have.

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