Bath: The spa city, The Aquae Sulis (The water of Sulis) The beautiful city of Bath is a city like no other, known as the River Avon City. The city quickly became popular in 1987 when she was added to the list of the world heritage site.

Bath will leave you longing for more if you’re looking for a weekend guide to recharge your batteries, have a tour around historic places, eat in some of the most exotic but yet affordable places while you stay on a budget, Then Bath is the place to go. 

Must know information before travelling to Bath.

  • Language: English
  • Currency: Pounds Sterling 
  • Getting around: tourist bus (sightseeing bus) the hop-on-hop-off bus provides you with the opportunity to never miss the most attractive sights in one of UK’s most treasured city.
  • Must Haves: A backpack, power bank, camera, An Umbrella, a scarf and a comfortable shoe. 

The city of Bath: is a popular destination and is perfect for traditional travellers, solo travellers, couples with or without kids, groups and foodies. The city’s architecture is second to none, and there is a wide range of places like parks, garden and museums which are all common amongst visitors over the years. Let me guide you through some of the places to explore.

  • Fashion Museum Bath

The fashion museum is situated right inside the Assembly room, in it, there are about a hundred and fifty historic clothing’s, well over thirty-two thousand collections all dated back to the 16th century. 

The fashion museum was established in 1963 and from then on, every year the best dresses were collected from top designers like Alexander McQueen, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and many as ”the dress of the year” an example of that could be seen above.

I like starting my tour from here for parents with kids, kids get to enjoy reproductive clothes meant for visitors to try on. 

  • Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal was renovated in 2010 but was established in 1805, it hosts world-class theatrical and musical performances that will better your experience on theatrical performances.

Some of the things you won’t miss are it’s glittering chandeliers, plush sitting in a large auditorium with up to 900 seats with 3 different galleries.

Located on Saw close, Bath. Theatre Royals Ustinov Studio remains my favourite with comedy, dance and music as well as theatrical plays for all age group.

  • Roman Baths

The ancient Romans were credited for building the Roman Bath hot spring as a place of relaxation. About 502 years ago, a British king saw the treatment and the rejuvenation power in hot spring but it was the Roman who left their marks in Bath. 

The Roman Bath Spa is one of the 3 biggest spas in the city and was voted Britain most romantic building. The award-winning temple was built in 75 BC, The Temple of Sulis contains one of the biggest spa in the UK with the Spa containing about 45 minerals and the water gushing out from over 8,700 feet, 275,000 gallons per day and at 46.5 degree Celsius.


  • Bath’s Georgian Roots: Royal Crescent

The best place to end your adventure to have you longing for more next time is the beautiful Museum of Bath. This elegant building is located in a former private chapel which also illustrates how this building influenced most if the city’s building. 

Stationed on Number 1 Royal Crescent, Bath. The monumental semicircular building contains artefact and historical data that tells a story of what life was for the rich and the poor in the 17th century, there are a variety of guide yours and educational programs hosted from time to time at the Museum of Bath.

It’s going to be hard to put away your camera when you find some of the most beautiful scenery in Bath, like the gardens, park, Valley to mention a few. 

Affordable Place to stay in Bath.

I’ll strongly recommend Three daggers which is situated @ 47 Westbury Road, Edington Westbury BA13 4PG. It’s affordable and realistically priced at $99 per night. I took a lot of time searching for the right place since there are a lot of things to put into consideration. They offer free breakfast, they have an excellent review and on top of that it is close to the pubs and all other amenities to name a few.

What to Expect

The View From Three Daggers


Bath is no doubt a beautiful place to go for a weekend tour and beyond that, with an exceptional scenery, you will kiss the blues goodbye if you’re opportune to visit bath once.

Do you have a personal experience from your previous visit to Bath?, why not share it with us? Feel free to drop your comments below and lets learn from your experience.

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